DIY: BMW E39 M5 Mirror Disassembly

Difficulty Level

Tools/Supplies Needed:

• T15 torx driver
• T10 torx driver
• standard/flat screw driver
• small flat/standard screwdriver
• tape


• apply a little tape to the bottom of the mirror opening which ensure we won't scratch the paint
• remove the mirror by angling the mirror upwards as far as it'll go, then a small plastic tab will be exposed which needs to be pushed to the right using a small flat/standard screwdriver
• disconnect the heated part by pulling the two spade connectors straight off
• disconnect the auto tint function by depressing the tab on the side of the electrical connector and pulling straight off
• remove the mirror motor assembly by removing the three T15 torx screws, then pull the motor out, and disconnect the electrical connector by pulling straight off
• remove the four T15 torx screws in the backside of the assembly which connects directly to the mirror cap
• remove the three T15 torx screws connecting that plastic bracket to the motor
• pull the plastic bracket off the motor, you will need a fair amount of force to pull it straight off, and ensure the wiring harness does not get caught up in the assembly
• pull off the foam backing and rubber gasket on the mirror base
• remove the two torx screws behind the foam back which holding the motor in place
• on the opposite side there will be a metal hook held in with a rubber spacer
• using a standard screwdriver, pry the hook over and pull the motor out simultaneously
• feed some of the access wire through so you can work comfortably with the motor
• remove the rectangular base from the motor by removing the four T15 torx screws
• use a paint marker to mark the casing of the motor at all the case transitions
• remove the four small T10 torx screws holding the assembly together
• pull the cover directly off the base, then the motor will be exposed and does pull directly off the base
• the gears simply pull of their locations
• reassembly in reverse of disassembly

Video tutorial on how to disassembly the stock OEM BMW E39 M5 mirrors equipped with auto fold. This tutorial does demonstrate how to remove the mirror glass which is auto tinting, mirror motor, mirror cap, and access and split apart the auto fold mirror motor. After some usage, these can size up or wear out, therefore the internal components may need to be lubricated or replaced. These particular mirrors are from a left hand drive 2002 BMW M5.