Who is 4DIYers?

Well to start off, my name is Matt and I am the creator of 4DIYers. I am a Canadian YouTuber and originally started 4DIYers back in 2010 to create a resource for people who were seeking free auto repair information. These videos included anything from basic automotive maintenance to more complicated repairs. Throughout the years of production, I have been able to adjust my style and improve my content in order to provide the best learning experience for my viewers. As some of you may know, I do not own a garage or even have access to one. All my repairs are done in the driveway, keeping the tool list as limited as possible in order to show my tutorials can be done with minimal resources and costs. Unfortunately, without a garage, I am forced to deal with the full four seasons of the year. Living in Canada I am also exposed to a cold and snowy climate, so during the winter months this can greatly slow down my video production. Normally my tutorials are based on what current repairs are required or what vehicles I have available.

Before 4DIYers

Growing up, I have always been passionate about vehicles and motorcycles, actually anything with an engine really caught my attention. My attention to detail and thirst for knowledge never held me back from learning or experiencing new things. While my friends were playing video games, I was in the garage dissecting an engine. Either understanding how it worked or what was required to be repaired. Being the son of a mechanic, I spent a large amount of my childhood and teenage life helping or completing automotive related repairs. When I was 14 years old, my parents gave me a 1989 Ford Ranger for a first vehicle. While I had to wait two years until I obtained my driver's license, this gave me a chance to personalize my new truck. Once I turned 16, I gained my G1 level driver's license where I was limited to only drive with a licensed driver. So instead of patiently waiting for my G2 level license in order to be independent, I also gained my M1 license. The M1 license allowed me to drive a motorcycle without a licensed driver and that was used to commute to high school until I could gain the G2 level license. I had already purchased a motorcycle which needed a little work but luckily came with a full parts bike too. In the past, I was exposed to small aspects of the motorcycle lifestyle. With the two bikes, I was able to perfect the one and enjoy the ownership for about a year until I was able to drive my truck. Over the years I owned well over a dozen vehicles, including a couple different motorcycles. Being highly active in the enthusiast communities, I was able to experience the different "lifestyles" when owning a motorcycle, car, truck, North American vehicles, Japanese vehicles, and even European vehicles. Wanting to create an automotive help website, I had found a free hosting service that allowed me to compile a large database of written tutorials. The vehicle I had owned at the time, I did produce a large number of tutorials specific to it. After I expanded to other models as I found users who were willing to provide their content to support my website. That website was quite successful over the few years it was available until the free hosting service closed down and shortly after I started my new repair resource called 4DIYers.

Future of 4DIYers

I will continue producing repair videos and hope to expand into more customization or performance oriented videos as well. I am always seeking new ways to improve everyone's learning experience, regardless of their current skill set. Eventually, I would like to invest in a proper garage or shop so I will no longer have to tackle the outdoor elements. A proper workspace will also allow me to tackle bigger and better projects. Perhaps a restoration project? At the moment my key focus is increasing the size of my resources and content, along with my user reach.