DIY: BMW Glass Headlight Diffuser Lens Polishing

Difficulty Level

Tools/Supplies Needed:

• bucket of hot water
• soap
• soft sponge
• Autoglym Car Glass Polish
• soft lint free cloth
• microfiber cloth


• remove the glass diffuser lenses from the headlight housing
• wash the glass lenses using a sponge in hot water using your choice of soap
• for soap, I would recommend using Spray Nine as it cuts back any dirt or grim fast and easily
• ensure most of the debris is removed and allow them to dry
• once dry, using a glass polish, apply the polish with a lint free cloth
• applications of the products will vary, please read instructions
• rub glass polishing product into lenses on both sides to ensure it cleans and polishes the surface thoroughly
• finally finish up with a microfiber cloth and polish glass to a shiny finish
• reinstall diffuser lenses

Video tutorial on how to polishing/clean the inner glass diffuser lenses on a BMW. These inner glass diffuser lenses are available on a variety of BMW models and it is required to split down the headlight assembly in order to access them. Overtime dirt can become backed onto the glass lens, therefore creating poor light output and causing a safety problem. This particular video was done on a 1997 BMW 540i E39 body style.